Tuesday, 3 April 2012


This post isn't really a proper post at all: instead it will serve as a page to store all the principles that crop up as I continue...

I am not an expert


Monday, 2 April 2012

I am not an expert

Dear me…

In my first post I made, and recorded, a commitment to write every post at one sitting. What I forgot to mention was that I had also made a commitment to post at least once every week.

Hey ho…

However, one of the great things about being a Christian, in theory, is that you can always start again. Although the past cannot be changed, everything can be made new. Hurray!

So, here I am again.

All I want to do hear is to make one thing clear: I am not an expert – at least, not in the things I plan to think about in this blog. The only thing I’m really an expert in is British social security law, and I don’t intend this to be a major area of thought here. I am not a theologian, or a philosopher, or (except by training) a scientist. I therefore apologise for any of the above who read this stuff; for my presumption in trespassing in your garden. Having said that, I hope that you’d like to feel it's open to the public.

Shifting the metaphor slightly, I think of myself rather as a cheeky magpie, hopping from garden to garden picking up nice shiny things and bringing them back to my nest…

Just in case you think this is false modesty, I’ve recently been reading that Rowan Williams’ philosophical position is generally opposed to the French post-modernism of Derrida et al, when to me they seem to be mutually compatible [Christ the Stranger: The Theology of Rowan Williams, by Benjamin Myers, Continuum].